Additional Products Sold



The following products and services are sourced from a range of manufacturers and suppliers, for resale under their product name and labelling. LSA prides itself on offering competitive pricing and prompt supply of these products. Supporting technical documents are available from us for all of these products, where appropriate.


Oil Analysis Kits          Monitors oil condition, identifying and reporting on unwanted wear and contaminants. This service is provided through arrangements with a NATA approved testing laboratory. All testing results are supplied to customers, with comments made by the testing laboratory staff and scrutinised by LSA technical personnel for further comment when appropriate.


Other Oil Company Products

LSA has arrangements with a number of lubricating oil companies and can often source their products when required.


Grease                           Whilst new greases are being assessed for addition to the LSA range, a wide range of  alternatives are available, mostly ex stock.


Morey’s                          LSA now carries a wide range of Morey’s products which include automotive additives, specialty oils, greases and food grade products.


Inox & Lanox                 LSA stocks these penetrating and anti-corrosion products.


Pumps and Fittings

LSA stocks or has access to a wide range of quality oil and grease pumping and dispensing equipment at very competitive prices.


Miscellaneous               Rags, spill absorbent material, Handclean, Silicone aerosol grease, Household detergents, Petroleum Jelly, Heavy duty cleaners, Acidic detergents and cleaners, Rust preventative coating product, Graffiti cleaner, Gun Wash.


Chemicals and Solvent

Some of the products carried include Acetone, Kerosine, Methanol, Methylated Spirits, Mineral Turpentine, Isopropyl Alcohol, Solvent cleaners and degreasers, Thinners, Toluene, White Spirits, Xylene-Xylol


Automotive and Workshop Products

Brake Cleaner, Bug remover, Carby Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Parts wash, Tyre Shine