ATF Multitrans LV

LSA ATF Multitrans LV is an advanced fully synthetic automatic tranmission fluid engineered for maximum fuel efficiency and precission shift performace. It covers a wide range of automatic transmissions calling for the lates generation ATF fluid technology.


Aisin Warner             AW 1

Audi, VW*                 G055 005 (A-Z)/ *(A,A2)

                                    G055 540 (A-Z)/ *(A2)

BMW                           8322-0142516/-0397114

Chrysler                    68171866AA

 Ford                        Mercon LV, Mercon SP, NGF M2C919D, M1375.4

 General Motors         Dexron VI

 Honda                      DW-1

 Hyundai, Kia             SP/SPH-IV, NWS 9638 T5


 Land Rover               TYK500050

  Mazda                      FZ

  Mercedes Benz          236.12/ .14/ .15/ .41

  Mitsubishi                  SP-IV, ATF J3

  Nissan                       Matic-S

  Porsche                      P/N 043 304 00

  Saab                          93 165 147

  Toyota, Lexus              WS (JWS 3324)

  ZF                               6-speed Transmissions