ATF Multitrans

ATF Multitrans

A premium fully synthetic automatic transmission and power steering fluid, specifically designed for use in Japanese, European and North American vehicles. It meets the requirements of Nissan and Subaru in all of their vehicles with automatic transmissions, and especially those with slip lock up torque converters*. Now suitable for use in Ford ZF 6 speed transmissions, plus many other new applications.

Approved for the following specifications:
Mercon V                         Allison C4
Volvo 97340, 97341          ZF TE-ML 04D, 14A, 14B, 16L, 20B
Voith 55.6335                  MAN 339 VI, V2, V3, Z1, Z2, Z3, 339F

MB 236.6                        Dexeon III (H)

Suitable for use where the following are required:

Dexron VI      Mercon (incl SP)   Allison TES 295
BTR 85LE & 95LE Toyota T-IV & WS Honda Z-1
Nissan Matic C, D & J Hyundai SP-111 MB 236.2, 236.9                                                  BMW (5 Speed GM & ZF)    VW (1993 plus)
Audi (1993 plus)    Hyundai/Kia Mitsubishi
Mazda M III & M V    Volvo (1998 plus)    Porsche (1993 plus)
Daimler Chrysler 236.11 ZF Lifeguard Fluid 8

An Automatic Transmission fluid which is suitable for use in most Transmission and Power Steering applications, permitting rationalization of grades.
* Note: is not recommended for use with CVT, DCT or Ford type F transmissions.
Not recommended for Allison C4 off highway transmissions.

Package Size

4 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs, 205 Ltrs