Coolant ELC 50

Coolant ELC 50

An extended life ethylene glycol based anti-freeze, anti-boil premixed coolant with inorganic corrosion inhibitors (OAT). It is silicate free and recommended for use in ferrous and aluminium alloy petrol, natural gas, heavy duty US, European and Japanese diesel mobile and stationary engines.

Meets or is suitable for the following:-

AS 2108. 1:2004 Type A                        ASTM D3306, D4656, D4985, D5345, D6210

SAE J1034                                           Caterpillar EC-1

Cummins 90 T8 4                                 Detroit Diesel

Ford WSS-M97B44-C                             GM 1899M, 6277M

JASO M325 LLC                                    JIS K2234

Komatsu                                              Mack RVI

MAN 324                                             MB 325.3

Mitsubishi ES-X64216                            MTU

Perkins                                                Renault D & P

Scania TI 02-98                                    Volvo Heavy Truck

See attached technical document for more information.

Package Size

20 Ltrs, 205 Ltrs, 1000 Ltrs