LSA Eco C2 0W30

LSA ECO - C2 0W30 is a premium full synthetic SAE 0W30 engine oil with the latest advances in mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulpur) additive technology in low volatility synthetic base oil,it is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the new ACEA C2 category and is an additional claim for the mid SAPS Fuesl Ecomomy product.

LSA ECO - C2 0W30 is designed for modern hot-running engines in conditions of cramped engine bays, smaller sumps, turbo-charging, super-charging, variable timing and other engineering advances. It is suitable for use in modern multi-cam, multi-valve (including VVT), naturally aspirated, super-charged and turbocharged, low emission petrol including petrol/electric hybrids such as in Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and Lexus in accordance with owner’s manual.



E     Exceeds API SN and CF

       Maximum wear protection and reduced piston deposits.

       Catalyst and oxygen sensor friendly.

       Excellent resistance to viscosity thermal breakdown.

       Superior cold engine start up performance.

       Emission system durability and fuel economy.

       Low ash for Toyota vehicles with diesel particulate filters (DFP) requiring 0W30.

 Suitable for diesel particulate NOx reduction system (DPNR) requiring 0W30

Package Size

5 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs, 205 Ltrs, 1000 Ltrs